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Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters

Frequent Question and Answers?

I enjoy deer hunting with my 30-06 to put meat on the table, can I still join?
Absolutely, if you hunt anytime of the year with your traditional equipment, we’d love to have you.

I bowhunt with a Compound exclusively but occasionally shoot 3-d with my recurve, can I join?

MTB is a Traditional bowhunting organization not a shooting organization.

I am interested in becoming an officer but I have read you don’t have any. How can this run?

Our closest thing to becoming an officer is working on the Rendezvous/Campout committee. Being an officer of a state bowhunting organization is one of the most thankless jobs there is. The burnout factor is huge among past officers. We will not burn our good members out. Our only agenda is fraternal so we do not need officers. Additionally we will not be raising money for causes, etc so that will take care of itself.

Is the MTB part of the old Mississippi Traditional Archers or STA or MBA?

No, these organizations promote various great causes and raise monies to do so, host 3-d shoots and have a central banquet. A lot of our members support theses orgs but we are not associated with these fine established organizations. We were formed from dye in the wool bowhunters that enjoy hunting with traditional equipment.

I hunt with a recurve but my 13 year old son hunts with a compound, can I bring him to the campout?

Absolutely, the MTB is not in the judging business. Hopefully your son can attend and catch the traditional spirit from other kids there hunting with traditional equipment.

I wish the MTB would do more and have 3-D shoots etc.

There are countless ranges across the state that have traditional classes during the year. We would love to post those shoots on our site and support them. However it doesn’t take long for a handful of members to get burned out driving re-bar in the ground for putting on shoots. Additionally the cost of targets is a club killer.

Will the MTB have a newsletter?

One of the greatest cost of a bowhunting club is the newsletter. It is very expensive and un needed now with the technology we have from the internet. Each member will be the our own editor, well sort of. We hope everyone will share their traditional experience on the site. Member input on our website can be entertaining enough! and hopefully instructional!

What is the goal or mission statement for the MTB?

To be a fraternal organization of bowhunters that enjoy bowhunting with traditional equipment.

Who defines what is traditional?

You police yourself. If you walk like a duck, quack like a duck then you’re a duck!

What is the main benefits for joining the MTB?

You will be electronically and socially bonded with like minded bowhunters that share your passion for bowhunting with traditional equipment. Financial responsibility will be minimum, maybe the lowest in the country. Free is our target. Once a year the MTB will provide a meeting place for all of us to come together, hunt, camp and enjoy our traditional fellowship.

What are the membership goals for MTB?

We can exist from 20 members to 400 plus. It doesn’t matter because we will have very few or no accounts payable. Our yearly meetings/activities will be minimum, just One! Rendezvous!!! Any organization is better with for example 20 active members than 500 inactive.

What kind bowhunters does MTB comprise of?

We have all sorts of bowhunters that belong to MTB. The one common thread we share is the passion we have for bowhunting with traditional equipment. Our members can range from newly started to 70 year veterans of the traditional sport. Our campfires are open to all bowhunters for traditional fellowship, teaching and friendship.

Why just one MTB event?

The greatest way to burn out an organization is to overload the few that do the most. We all have very busy lives in this day and age. But we have the wonderful invention of the internet to stay connected daily. Having one Quality event with Quality participation at a Quality location will always be more successful and greatly anticipated than several poorly attended smaller ones. The state is full of local and state clubs that have shoots the MTB will support but not compete against. All we want to do is “go huntin”!!!

How can I show my MTB state of mind!

MTB will have patches, truck stickers and limited t-shirts to show off our Traditional passion we have for bowhunting in the state of Mississippi. We are cut from a different cloth than most hunters since choosing a more challenging means of hunting tackle. Our logo has been tastefully created to show that State of Mind that you as a member will be proud to display.